Tips for Using The Easy-Open Lid

Mar. 22, 2022

The following is a brief introduction to the problems that the cannery should pay attention to when using tinplate easy open lids, hoping to help the cannery.


1. How to choose easy open ends/lids?


Select the appropriate easy-open lid according to the size of the can and the thickness & hardness of the body material. According to the characteristics of the packaged food & beverage, select the easy open ends with the right type and thickness of internal coating to ensure the corrosion resistance requirements. Explain the occasion of use and your special requirements.

2. What should be paid attention to when sealing easy open end?

The sealing chuck should be matched with easy open lid, don’t share the same sealing chuck with the bottom ends. The sealing chuck should be replaced and cannot be mixed-use when using easy open ends from different manufacturers. Avoid using a knife-edge sealing chuck to prevent damage to the external coating of the lid. Conduct trial production before batch use to make sure that the sealing meets the requirements; pay attention to the difference in thickness and hardness of the can body and lid’s material, and adjust the position and shape of the sealing roller in time. The panel depth of the easy open lid changes no more than 0.5mm after sealing.

3. What are the storage requirements for easy-open lids?

The easy open lid should be stored in a dry warehouse with relative humidity <70%. The environment of the warehouse is clean and free from harmful gas-pollution. The easy open end should be stacked on the backing board and more than 30cm away from the wall; to prevent heavy pressure, the stacking height of carton packaging should not exceed 7 boxes, and the stacking height of pallet packaging should not exceed 2 trays. If the easy-open lids have been stored for a long time, the quality of the easy-open lid should be re-tested before use, and the lid can be put into use after confirming that it is qualified.

4. What are dos and don’ts for sterilization of canned food with easy open end?

Keep the retort clean. After filling and sealing the cans, they should be washed with hot water to prevent the residual sugar, acid, salt and other substances from being brought into the retort, causing the easy open can lid to rust. Strictly abide by the sterilization and cooling operation process to avoid the damage of the easy open lid, such as deformation, bursting of cans, score and score-repairing coating damage caused by excessive cooling and insufficient back pressure. The cooling water is in line with drinking water standards, without excess iron, chloride, sulfate and other impurities; strictly control the residual chlorine in the cooling water at 1-3ppm, and replace it regularly. The cooling temperature of the can is controlled at about 37°C, avoid excessive cooling, clean it in time, use high-pressure air to blow off the water stains on the lid and under the pull ring, and ensure that the can and lid, especially the pull ring, are dry and clean to avoid rust. Apply anti-rust oil before storage.

5. What should be paid attention to in storage and transportation of canned food with easy-open end?

The warehouse should be well ventilated, the temperature is stable, and the relative humidity does not exceed 70%. Control the temperature of the cans entering the warehouse. If the temperature of the cans is lower than the room temperature of the warehouse, the temperature difference exceeds 10 °C and the relative humidity is high, it is very easy to make the can lid "sweating" and rust. Canned food should be checked regularly during storage to prevent secondary pollution caused by leakage of individual cans. During packaging, handling and transportation, the cans should be handled with care and avoid heavy pressure; to prevent damage to the cans and easy-open lids caused by brutal loading and unloading.


6. How to properly open an easy-open can?


Step1: Lift the ring to break the score line, and continue to pull it forward to the end to expand the opening as much as possible; Step2: pull up the lid with the index finger hooking ring and the thumb pressing on the center of the lid. 


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