The History of Canned Food

Mar. 21, 2022

In 1795, the French government offered a large reward for the preservation of military food due to war needs. 

In 1804 the Nichols Appert succeeded in his research. (Specific method: place the food in a porcelain jar and add a cork to heat it in hot water for 30-60 minutes, and seal it with wax. Later, glass jars were developed, but at that time, there were strict requirements on the variety of food, and some varieties were can be saved, some cannot be saved.)


In 1809, Nicholas Appert received a bonus of 12,000 francs from the Napoleon government at that time. 

In 1810, Nichols Appert wrote and published the book "Law of the Permanent Preservation of Animals and Plants", which proposed the basic methods of canning food - venting, sealing and sterilization.


In 1810,British Peter Durand invented tin-plated sheet metal cans (now called tinplate cans), which enabled canned food to start being hand-packed in metal containers. 

In 1812, Nichols Appert officially opened a cannery, named "House of Appel", which was the first cannery in the world. 

At that time, canned food was called Tinned foods. Although Nichols Appert opened a canning factory, people didn't know why canned food was able to preserve food for a long time the real reason. The theory at the time was that the air in the container was "pushed away".


In 1861,60 years after Nikolai invented the preservation method of canned food, Louis Paster clarified that the real cause of food spoilage is due to the action of microorganisms in the food and explained the effect of heat-sterilized canning. (Pasteur was the founder of pasteurization.)


In 1873, Pasteur put forward the theory of heat sterilization. Since then, canned food has continued to develop and improve, gradually entering into the modern food industry. 

In 1874, A.K. Striver, Maryland, USA invented a practical high-pressure sterilizer. The sterilization temperature can be changed, and the sterilization temperature can exceed 100 ℃, so that the preserved food varieties are fully covered.


Canned food started industrial production more than 140 years ago. At the beginning of the 19th century, a large number of mechanized canning factories emerged in the United States, and gradually established the two most basic points of the principle of canned food preservation in theory. 1. 2. Good container sealing. Suitable for heat sterilization.


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