The Expansion Ring Function of the Easy Open End and Bottom End

Mar. 23, 2022

The function of the expansion ring is mainly to increase the strength of the can lid. and ensure the sealing structure of the can. During the sterilization process of the can, the volume of the air remaining in the can expands rapidly and the volume increases, which greatly increases the pressure in the can. In order not to cause leakage due to the expansion and deformation of the can lid and damage to the sealing structure, it is also necessary to ensure the canned food.

It is known from long-term practice that the form of the expansion ring is related to the type of canning, the content organization and the vacuum degree of the can. Generally speaking, the contents contained in the can are lumpy, the head gap in the can is small and the vacuum degree is low. For canned food, such as luncheon meat and products with bones, the strength of the expansion ring pattern should be larger. In general, cans with more soup, larger head gap, and higher vacuum degree in the can, such as vegetables with clear juice, should have better resilience in the expansion ring pattern.


The quality of the easy open can end has a great influence on the sealing operation and the quality of the can. Good quality of can lids can ensure the quality, quantity, and complete production on time, so that the operator can keep a comfortable mood. Poor quality can easy open can end will not only delay production, but will also make the operator upset and confused.


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